Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage – This technique has been getting a lot of attention lately, and with good reason.  With so many of us feeling overworked and stressed, bloated and flat, and with cold and flu season on the way, it’s a good time to go over the ins-and-outs of lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic Drainage

A little drainage is a good thing

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

It is a unique massage technique, specifically designed to encourage the natural drainage of lymph.

Lymph is the fluid, similar to blood plasma, that circulates throughout the lymphatic system. It has a lot of different functions, one of which is acting as the body’s garbage disposal system. It picks up bacteria, delivering them to the lymph nodes, where they are destroyed.


The natural lymphatic system can pump 1-2 litres of lymph through the body per day.  With Manual Lymphatic Drainage, it can increase it to 10-20 litres per day.  That’s effectively giving your body’s healing system a gigantic boost.

If you have fluid retention, you’re feeling sluggish, puffy or unwell, or if you feel the need to detox, then Manual Lymphatic Drainage might be for you.


Where did it come from?


Woman jumping for joyWhile the concept might have been around for centuries, the technique itself was put together by a couple of Danish doctors in the 1930s, who noticed that their patients that suffered from colds tended to have swollen lymph nodes. They studied the lymph system further and developed a technique where they used gentle, rhythmic hand movements to promote lymph movement. They found that when the technique was performed, patients would heal quicker.

New techniques were developed further as time went on, as the medical profession began to understand the lymph system more thoroughly.  The new techniques are based on following the lines of the lymphatic vessels, towards the corresponding lymph nodes.



What does it feel like?


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

It’s a feather-light touch

It feels like really, really gentle touch.  It’s very different from a remedial massage, or even a relaxation massage.  Your practitioner will softly stimulate your lymph nodes, then use light, feathery strokes to encourage the movement of the lymph.


How will I feel after the treatment?

It depends. You could feel decidedly dodgy in the moments after a treatment.  Despite the gentleness of MLD, there’s a lot going on under the surface, and a lot of toxins are going to get flushed out.  It might take you an hour or two to start feeling like yourself again.  You’ll need to up your water intake, and you will probably have to visit the bathroom more often. And the next day, you should feel better than ever.

Other people feel amazing, and completely relaxed during and immediately after a treatment.


What can it treat?

MLD can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including:


  • Fluid retention
  • Eczema and psoriasis
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Sinusitis
  • General Fatigue
  • Pre and post surgery
  • Arthritis
  • Oedema
  • Low immunity


Manual Lymphatic DrainageAs well as medical conditions, MLD has also been used for cosmetic purposes.  It has been used to treat cellulite, to enhance facials, for weight loss, and to brighten the skin.


Where can I book a treatment?


At Fluid Health, we have two therapists that specialise in Manual Lymphatic Drainage – David Luke, and Lucy Fowler.  Give us a call on 03 99391133 to book an appointment, or you can click here to book online.







Julia Michelle Naturopath Logo

We’re constantly working on getting the best and the brightest in the healthcare industry to come and set up home at Fluid Health. That’s why we’re delighted to announce a fantastic addition of the Fluid family – Naturopath Julia Michelle.


Julia Michelle NaturopathyWhat is a Naturopath?

Naturopathic Medicine is a holistic approach to health – in a nutshell, if you have a condition or disease, a Naturopath will look not just at your physical body, but past that.  They’ll investigate your dietary requirements, your mental health, any occupational factors, family dynamics, your spiritual needs and take everything into account when prescribing treatment.

So a physical condition or complaint might be treated with a change to your diet, herbal supplements, and a gentle direction to spend more time outside during daylight hours, and instructions on how to get more quality sleep.

Julia has many tools in her skillset, as well as being a naturopath, she’s also a herbalist, nutritionist and personal trainer.  And she’s put all of her skills together to publish an ebook – The 21 Day Reset .


We take up the challenge!

The 21 Day Reset by Naturopath Julia Michelle is a 21-day diet plan, exercise program, sleep protocol, and stress management regime. It’s designed to reset your body, to restore balance in the most fundamental biological processes that allow your body to heal itself and stay healthy. And it’s only 21 days!

And for Fluid Receptionist Lauretta, it sounds like the perfect plan.


Naturopath Julia Michelle

How different would your life be if you had lots of energy and focus, were able to achieve and maintain your ideal body weight, suffered from no digestive issues, slept well, and were free from all niggling aches, pains and sensations of unwellness? Join me for 21 days and that’s exactly what you’ll achieve. It’s time to take back your life and regain your health and vitality!



Lauretta has volunteered to undergo the 21-Day Reset, having struggled with lack of energy and poor diet choices (because of the baklava that they sell at the bakery next door.) She’s been feeling flat, unmotivated, sluggish and unhealthy since a hip injury prevented her from running since the City2Sea fun run last year.  She’s taken solace in yoga and baklava, and could definitely use a bit of weight training and a veggie or two to get her out of her slump.

Stay posted here for the blog updates, as Lauretta takes on the 21-Day Reset. Or, if it all goes well, you’ll see her doing ice-lake swims in the Himalayas, in between bikini modelling shoots.

If you’re interested in having a look at Julia’s Ebook, you can get it here.

And if you think that you might benefit from seeing a naturopath, you can click here to make a booking with Julia online.

Julia Michelle Naturopath Logo

Naturopath Julia Michelle



Bowen Therapy Feeling

Are you looking for Bowen Therapy?  If you know what it is,  you know just how powerful it can be.  We’re proud to say that we can provide you with the best Bowen Therapist Melbourne has to offer.

Here at Fluid Health, we have practitioners trained in every modality related to musculo-skeletal health and wellbeing, including remedial massage, myotherapy, dry needling, cupping and more.  One of the lesser-known therapies is Bowen Therapy. We’re on a mission to get this powerful clinical technique more airtime.


How does it work?

Best Bowen Therapist Melbourne Has To Offer

It’s a gentle movement on the muscle

Bowen Therapy works by stimulating the fascia. The fascia is the connective tissue that covers every single organ, bone, muscle and tendon in the body.

A Bowen practitioner will lightly roll their fingers over the muscles of the body in a particular sequence. This stimulates the fascia, and provokes a response in the brain which causes the muscle to relax.


The Rest Times

One of the defining characteristics of Bowen Therapy is the rest time.  Between sequences, the practitioner will leave the room for around 3 minutes and leave you to relax.  This gives the body time to register the response that the fascia is sending to the brain, and gives the muscles the opportunity to relax before the next sequence is performed.


Why Bowen Therapy?

best bowen therapist melbourne

The Zen feeling of Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is very gentle and very relaxing, but the results can be powerful.  The practitioner uses light strokes over the muscles – not deep pressure, which some people can find painful. The rest time in between sequences is also very calming, and you soon get used to the pace of the sequences and the tranquil break time.

After the treatment

A lot of clients will feel a little “out of it” after a Bowen treatment.  The feeling has been described as zen, peaceful, and even slightly dazed.

We recommend you don’t sit down for longer than half an hour for the rest of the day following your treatment.  Get up, stretch and have a walk around.


The Best Bowen Therapist Melbourne Has To Offer

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy can help you with your alignment

Fluid Health has got a lot of things going for it, and we have not one, but two fantastic and experienced Bowen Therapists – Michael Jephcott and Jimmy Wilson.

Jimmy is a big fan of Bowen Therapy, finding it effective to realign the body and relieve pain caused by a vast array of conditions including frozen shoulder, TMJ, general neck and back pain and much more.

Michael finds that Bowen gives relief to clients when normal soft tissue strategies aren’t as effective, like cupping, dry needling etc. He recommends it to clients who might be guarded – whose bodies may be ‘on edge’ due to injuries or accidents.  He says it’s a feeling like no other.

Want to give it a try?  Call us on 03 99391133 to make an appointment with the best Bowen Therapist Melbourne has to offer, or click here to book online.